Anahata Healing Arts Centre is based in South India in the beautiful, peaceful village of Ravandur, just a short drive from Mysore, the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga. Guests are able to step off of the tourist trail as they walk through Ravandur and the authentic neighboring villages to experience authentic India.
Wonderful highlights of the village are the beautiful, brightly-coloured homes of the locals, as well as the many traditional ancient Hindu temples within walking distance of the Centre. There is a small shopping street and weekly local market, which one is free to experience at leisure. There are often special occasions and celebrations throughout the streets which you may have the good fortune to experience during your stay.
Within the Centre itself one can experience the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset over the lake, viewable from our natural man-made outdoor studio and surrounded by giant banana trees and our organic farm where we grow all our own produce for the daily meals.