About the founder

Founder Kiran has been exploring natural healing philosophy for over a decade, and practices it as a way of life. Thanks to an unexpected event in his life, he was introduced to many influential teachers around the world who helped to change his mindset and build a strong foundation for his spiritual path.
Kiran has been sponsored to work in many countries, however, his instincts and love for his village has always drawn him back to his roots. Following his passion to make a positive impact he founded Anahata Healing Arts Centre in 2014, as a space for individuals to connect with themselves and with nature through a simplistic lifestyle. The Anahata environment helps individuals to discover their inner strength and heal mind, body and soul by reconnecting with the natural world. Kiran is proud of his life experiences and skills and is now on it to share his wisdom with those in need and make a positive impact.
Kiran offers his extensive knowledge and skills in natural healing such as Ayurvedic therapies, detox and yoga to all that visit Anahata, which is a donation-based centre. He also runs workshops and leaves the centre doors open for the local community, providing a natural healing place for all.