About the founder

Wellness retreats offered at Anahata Healing

Kiran has been exploring natural healing philosophy for wellness retreats for over a decade, and practices it as a way of life. His life’s path led him to many influential teachers around the world who helped develop his mindset and build a strong foundation for his own spiritual path. This coupled with his interest and passion in sports, yoga, and physical therapies enable him to create a space where people can experience wellness for their bodies and their minds.
Kiran’s instincts and love for his village have always drawn him back to his roots. Following his passion to make a positive impact in his community and the world, he founded the Anahata Healing Arts Centre in 2014 as a space for wellness retreats for individuals to reconnect with themselves and with nature through a simplistic lifestyle.
The Anahata environment helps individuals to discover their inner strength and heal their mind, body and soul by reconnecting with the natural world and their own inner self. Kiran is proud of his life experiences and skills and is now on an path to share his wisdom with those in need and make a positive impact – locally and globally.
Having met people from over 30 countries that have visited Anahata, Kiran knows about the demands that we place on ourselves physically and mentally until our minds and bodies are exhausted. Kiran strives to help each individual that he connects with understand the importance of balance to enable them to function optimally in a demanding world. Many visitors simply need a few days to acclimatize to the Anahata way of life which is a simpler slower pace and focuses on absorbing everything that nature has to offer, while letting go of the habits of making demands and setting expectations. As Kiran often says, “It’s important to simply accept things and flow rather than try to control every moment and situation, as demands and expectations can increase toxicity levels in the mind and body.”
Kiran offers his extensive knowledge and skills in natural healing therapies such as detox and yoga to all who visit Anahata Healing Arts Centre, which is a donation-based wellness retreat. He leaves the centre doors open for the local community, providing a natural healing place for all.