Anahata Healing Arts Centre offers affordable yoga retreats in the beautiful state of Karnataka in south India. The peaceful village of Ravandur, with a total 655 families residing, is a 2 hour drive from Mysore – the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga. Guests are able to step off of the beaten track as they walk through Ravandur and the authentic neighbouring villages to experience India. The local language of Ravandur is Kannada.
The wonderful highlights of the village are the beautiful, brightly-coloured homes, as well as the many traditional ancient Hindu temples that are within walking distance of the our affordable yoga retreat.
There is a small market street with grocery shops for your necessities, medical stores, a doctor’s clinic, post office, and ATMs. The friendly and curious locals may even offer you a cup of chai and a seat to strike up a conversation to learn more about you.
On Tuesdays, there is a local market which one is free to experience at leisure. You’ll find spices, tea, jaggery, kitchen essentials, lamps, and more.
Our guests sometimes also get invited to attend and experience special occasions and celebrations that take place in the village or at the home of a friendly local.
Within the centre itself one can experience the breathtaking views of sunrise. The nearby temple provides a daily wake-up call at 5:30am so setting an alarm isn’t required. Sunsets over Lake Ravandur are equally beautiful, especially from the outdoor yoga shala set within our banana grove. You’ll also be surrounded by the organic farm where we grow our own produce that’s used for the daily meals and for sale at our shop.
For the nature enthusiast, you can spot Egrets, Goliath Herons, Brahmini Kites, Brown Kites and an abundance of butterflies in season.
For those inclined towards long walks or even a jog or run, a well-worn path runs along the open fields and the edge of the lake, so you can feast your eyes and strengthen your body at the same time.

Come experience the affordable yoga retreats at Anahata while getting an authentic Indian village experience during your stay.