How is Anahata different?


We aim to create a self-sustainable ecosystem and prepare food mainly from our own farm. All buildings are hand made with natural materials using traditional methods.


Anahata was founded to help people who need healing. All donations received are put towards creating a healthier way of life for those who visit and for the community. There is no set price for retreats, however each donation enables us to continue to give back to those in need.


Respect and honesty with people is the first priority for Anahata. All of our expenses and incomes are transparent. As well as the retreats, Anahata is working on charity projects to help children and older people of the village.
Anahata Healing Arts Centre was built with the belief that every human deserves to be healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Therefore, it is an important principle of the Centre that all retreats are run on a donation basis only. We believe that everyone is unique and therefore the retreat activities and schedule are flexible, meaning each individual can benefit during their stay from what is necessary for them personally.
At Anahata we try to take our guests back to their roots and practice living as our ancestors lived, with Ayurvedic recipes and natural healing therapies. Through this simplistic way of life, each individual is able to connect with nature and appreciate that we are all part of one mind, one earth and one humanity.
As Anahata grows we will follow our vision of building a community around the globe. Thanks to previous guests and supporters we are able to share the message of our Centre, and create awareness that we are all connected. Beyond religion we are all from the same source of light, energy and spirit, and we hope that by sharing this message we will one day be able to achieve global humanism.
A day at Anahata
Schedules at Anahata are completely flexible for guests, as we believe that everyone is unique and will find their own personal ways to connect with nature. Take your pick...
Organic gardening
Cooking classes
Rangoli art
Ayurvedic treatments
Countryside walks
Karma yoga
Aqua exercise