Kiran, Anahata Founder

Anahata Healing Arts Centre is a donation-based holistic yoga retreat in India offering a space for all people to reconnect with themselves and nature through a simplistic lifestyle. Anahata is the heart chakra and we choose this way of being to encourage everyone within our community to live compassionately.
Anahata Healing Arts Centre is where Ayurveda, yoga and organic diets come together into everyday life to heal and help people in need. Our yoga retreat in India is the place where nature can nurture each of us, complemented by the five elements – Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Ether. We focus on healing by connecting with nature and creating a community of like-minded individuals from all over the world to support our place of healing and make it accessible to people from all walks of life.
We want every visitor to come and experience the joy of living without having a specific set of expectations for every moment or every day. We prefer to focus on the “be-ing” rather than the “do-ing” to give you a chance to simply absorb nature and go deep within yourself to really understand the experience of life. Each person can experience bliss if only we learn to surrender and accept things as they come rather than try to control it thereby giving the body a chance to heal itself.
If you're looking for a place where you can be completely connected with nature and yourself, the Anahata yoga retreat in India is the right place to be. Anahata believes in honouring the age old traditions of India and embodies a simple ashram-based lifestyle and philosophy including meal times, the barefoot etiquette, spiritual practice, observing silence, vegetarian-only food, karma yoga, basic accommodation facilities, and living peacefully with all others.
You will live in the center of nature amidst fruit trees and an organic farm where you can nurture plants and harvest the bounty, take in the sounds of nature while experiencing breathtaking sunrises on the lake or rest in a garden while sunbathing under the coconut trees.
Rather than impose schedules, we want our guests to be one with themselves and detoxify their minds and bodies of the hectic pace that the world moves at. You can join the daily activities of the community, or enjoy the beautiful yoga shala where you will be surrounded by banana trees and a delicate wind. This is the place to heal your body and mind or find a better balance. You will have time and space for yourself, silent places to meditate, to practise yoga, and 3 organic meals while participating in the programs we offer.
Anahata’s yoga retreat centre in India is the place where you will find the opportunity to rediscover the Indian countryside life, and experience all the benefits of living in a simple but rich way. Your healing and experiences at Anahata are not based on how much you pay, but on what your body and mind needs most and can accept at the present time.
If you want to relax and enjoy your time or if you’d like to help sustain Anahata and the opportunity for everyone to experience an improvement in their life, please come stay with us. If you like our project but can't come visit presently, you can support us with a donation.

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Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. It is the union of the mind, body and spirit. The spiritual practice allows you to reflect and refine yourself while the physical practice achieves conscious movements through postures and breath awareness.


A stay at our holistic healing center includes three organic vegetarian meals per day. All the ingredients are lovingly prepared, seasonal and local - most of them sourced from our own organic farm.


Ayurveda healing techniques have been practiced in India since ancient times and are focused on preventing illnesses before they develop. Anahata offers ayurveda panchakarma therapy that is adapted to your specific needs to help you find balance as a whole.


Guests at our yoga retreat in India will experience a state of natural mindfulness. Anahata's rural surroundings and peaceful energy combine with a simple daily routine to liberate the mind.

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Pauric United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for the wonderful time here. Your retreat is a great place to relax, re-centre yourself and get back in touch with nature. I really enjoyed the morning yoga classes, joining local class and all the delicious food. I wish you all the best for the future and I will definitely spread the word about your beautiful centre."

Shelley U.S.A.

"Anahata is an incredible place. There is so much love within the grounds that I have truly felt a sense of self here. Not only did my mind release some of its tension, but my body as well with all of the yoga and amazing healthy food! Everyone at Anahata is so wonderful, thank you for the great experience!"

Imme Netherlands

"I found a new home with a new little family. Kiran, thank you for all the inspiration. You are a very strong person with a strong light inside. This place inspired me to learn a lot about myself and to develop myself on the right path."